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The Roundup Riders Ladies’ Luncheon is a lovely tradition inspired by the camaraderie and joy of friendships. Our Cowboys link us.

Our bonds run deep.

With 75 years of monumental equestrian endeavors built on respecting and honoring our
Western Heritage, traditions are integral to the Roundup Ride. Traditions honoring the “better-
half”, or “our lovely ladies” connect us with the wives of 1948, when the Roundup Riders of the
Rockies was founded. And thank goodness every year at the Winter Party, our husbands
recognize the hard work we put in so that they can take a week off! Often that means pitching
in to keep the ranches running.

Occasionally we are the focus. In 1978 the theme was “Girl of the Golden West” where 3R Ladies and women of Colorado who shaped the West such as Isabella Bird, and the ladies Meeker, Taft, Taylor and Greeley were recognized.

Ladies of the Roundup Ride have also generously donated their time, talent and treasure towards the philanthropic ventures of our Riders. The National Western Scholarship Trust, initiated by the 3R, has raised millions of educational dollars for exceptional local youth to attend Western colleges and universities. Countless Roundup Rider wives have spearheaded events to raise these monies.

Whitewashed Wood_edited.jpg
Whitewashed Wood_edited.jpg

For the past 11 years, 3R Ladies have gathered annually on the Friday our ‘guys’ head for the hills. We enjoy a gourmet lunch, entertainment, and connecting with new and old friends. The first year, Mrs. Buck Hutchison (Janie), backed by a stellar team, hosted us at her lovely home in Cherry Hills. For several years we met at homes and ranches. The Cherokee Castle was delightful and historic. Thanks to Celeste O’Dea, we experienced the fabulous accommodations of Mile Hi Station and Ironworks. The Denver Country Club brought inspiration and elegance. Most recently, The Fort Restaurant has been a delightful and perfect venue to savor the Western heritage and depth of Roundup Rider traditions. Delighting in Cowgirl poetry, recipes, style and history, the event is always a highlight of the year.

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Our goal and intentions remain - To welcome all new colt wives with love and hospitality * To support our cowboys * To appreciate the traditions and bonds that support Roundup Rider Ladies through births, trials, and even empty saddles. Thanks for being a part of this very special event. We hope you experience the joy and fellowship of this wonderful group of ladies. Bring other ladies along and engage to the fullest!

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